Manage Your Profile


Why should I complete my profile?

First, without a complete profile, your account is not fully active. What that means that our system does not have enough information to match you with the best possible Caregiver. While you still will be able to navigate the site, without having a valid credit card associated with your account, you cannot contact any Caregivers or access information that can benefit you concerning hiring a particular Caregiver.

How much should I pay a Caregiver?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the amount and complexity of care you need. Typically, if you need a companion / Caregiver paying between $11 and $15 per hour is acceptable. If you need a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) you can pay between $14 and $25 per hour. What you have to understand is when you get a great Caregiver, you may have to pay them more but you are still saving $6 to $20 per hour over using a private duty agency and you are “empowering” your Caregiver by paying him/her more than they would get paid working for a private duty agency. This empowerment not only gives these Caregivers (who are usually women) a better standard of living, but also ensures that any great Caregiver you hire will be more dedicated, loyal, and grateful for their employment.

How do I post a job?

We do not post jobs on our site. Instead, we match your care needs with the most compatible Caregivers in your area and then let you choose which Caregivers you would like to connect with and interview.

Why do you need my credit card information?

We want to make sure that when Caregivers work for you, that they will indeed get paid for their services. In order to do this conveniently and with as little upset as possible, we require a credit card be on file in order for you to be able to connect and contact a Caregiver. We do a pre-authorization of that card based on the weekly work schedule of care you have requested. This is not any different than when using your credit card in checking into a hotel or renting a car. ANY and ALL payment information we collect is secured and encrypted with our payment processor ( and we do NOT store any payment information. If your credit card is removed, or declined, you will get a notice indicating that access to Caregivers has been suspended and a valid credit card needs to be on file.

How do I send messages?

When you log in, if you have any pending messages to be read, you will see an envelope with a number inside it at the top of the page indicating the number of how many new or unread messages you have. In order to send a message, either click on the envelope to list unread messages or go to the “Messages” link in your left hand navigation menu. You will see an icon on the resultant page that says “Send a Message.” Just click that icon and a pop up message dialog box will be displayed. You can then create your message. Select whom you wish to send message to (you will see options below where you enter you message) in the dialog box.

How do I read and/or respond to messages?

If you have any pending messages to be read, you will see an envelope with a number inside it at the top right corner of the page. The number indicates how many new or unread messages you have. In order to read a message, click the Message icon (an envelope). You will then see a listing of your messages. Unread messages are highlighted. Just click on the message you are interested in viewing and a dialog box will open up displaying the message. You can reply to that message in that dialog box.

Can I hire more than one Caregiver?

Yes, you can hire as many Caregivers as you wish, and pay each one a different hourly rate (which would be dependent on the services and care you require, the day of the week, and if it is a holiday or not). It is advisable that you get a background check on every Caregiver you hire. It is also advisable that you secure several “back-up” Caregivers in case your Caregiver moves, becomes sick or even injured. It does happen from time to time. The best advice is to have a backup plan and be prepared.

Why does the Caregiver have control to change past hours worked and not the Careseeker?

Well Beyond Care knows that the majority of Careseekers will be fair to the domestic employees they hire for home care. In some cases, there are occasional discrepancies or oversights on hours worked. To rectify these occasional errors, Well Beyond Care allows only the Caregivers to manipulate the schedule for hours they have worked to ensure fairness to both parties. Upon any changes, the Careseeker will have to confirm the changes as being accurate and has the authority to approve any changes.

Can I change my profile?

Yes, actually, your care needs, hours needed, amount you want to pay, and status will most likely change regularly. In order to match your care needs with the best matched Caregiver, it actually recommended that you do change your profile regularly.