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As individuals get older, there may be a time that they will have to move out of their familiar house and neighborhood to be closer to their adult children, or need to move into an assisted living community in their community or another town totally. This transition can be challenging if you or your loved one are new to the area and do not have many acquaintances in their new environment. Therefore, it helps to get connected in as soon as possible, so they can know what is happening in their community. Today, Keep Safe Care Direct shares some tips or life hacks to show you how easy it is to get assimilated as quickly as possible wherever your loved one ends up.

The benefit of technology

 Technology can be a lifesaver for seniors who find it difficult to keep track of everything they need to do.

  • Technology is great, but getting it set up may take an expect. You can help a senior either by coordinating setup, or if you have the skills, doing it yourself. Remember, simple is better.
  • While you might have grown up with technology, most seniors have not, and they may feel it daunting and invasive. Remember, keep it simple to use. Technology is supposed to lower their stress, not increase it.
  • If you have a loved one who lives on their own, teach them some shortcuts when it comes to technology so that they can make the most of their devices without much assistance.
  • Show them the benefits of storing all the important documents in a single file so that they do not have to stress about storing and finding papers. You can even use this tool to combine PDFs for free, making it easier to stay organized.
  • Demonstrate how to use digital trackers to help track important items such as keys, wallets, and remote controls, which are connected to their smartphones to help your senior loved one find lost or misplaced belongings.
  • For safety and security reasons, you might also want to install monitoring cameras in their residence so you can “check in” on them without interfering with them.

Help them to familiarize themselves with their surroundings

 Being in the community and being involved in the community helps when living alone.

  • Almost every community in America has some resources geared expressly for seniors. Find out how to access these reference guilds ever before the move.
  • Help them to learn familiar routes in their town so that they know how to get around like the back of their hand. Use apps such as Citymapper to help.
  • Encourage them to get to know senior living communities in their area so that they can make acquaintances and build friendships.
  • Show them the benefits of keeping up with current events happening in the community so that they can get to know the community and people better.

How to enjoy the process

Living on one’s own can be exciting as it means you can live on your own terms. For seniors, it allows them to maintain independence.

 We are not shipping seniors away, we are helping them to thrive in the golden years of their life.

  • If your loved one is feeling stressed about the prospect of living on their own, show them calming techniques that can help them feel calmer and more at peace with the situation.
  • Encourage them to embrace change, as it’s the one certainty in life.
  • Be sure to check in with them regularly to show them your love and support at a time when they need it most.

Being there for your loved one throughout the process will give them the extra bit of confidence they need to navigate life on their own because they know you will be there for them no matter what. Technology should also give them added peace of mind that they can be self-sufficient.

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